A Vision On Eye Vision

On: 04 March 2020
A Vision On Eye Vision

If we ask you, what makes you alive other than breathing? The common answer would be that you are able to see and sense the world. This is what makes our eyes, although smaller than other body parts, important as an organism. But due to our climate, genetics, and carelessness, we might start to have defects of vision at an early age. The loss of vision is normal with an increase in age.

While consulting an ophthalmologist, this eye doctor would use terms like ‘refractive errors’ myopia, long-sightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and more. Here we will be going through the common things to know for visual impairment.

What are refractive errors?

No, we are not going to make a science guide but just to make you understand. Refraction is the process by which we all are able to see things around as light comes from the object to the eye. When there are problems in vision, the common problems that come by are these errors. These errors make the person’s visibility less causing blurry vision. As the eye is connected by nerves to the brain, there are also chances that the person may suffer a mild headache.

What causes refractive errors?

Length of the eyeball

As seen earlier, the light should pass through the eye and fall on a part called the retina. If the light falls before and after the retina, refractive errors occur. For some, the eyeball length may be short causing the light to fall behind the ball.

Problems with cornea

The cornea is the curved part of the eyeball in the front that helps in the refraction. If the curve of the cornea is less, then the image formed inside the eye is irregular causing difficulty for the brain to identify the object.

Problems with the lens

The ability of the lens decreases as time goes by. With age, there are chances that the lens will curve more causing the image to form before the retina. In others, it is the opposite where the lens is steeply flat causing other refractive errors.

Solutions to refractive errors

Power glasses

Wearing an additional lens in front of the eye having refractive errors causes the light to pass through the artificial lens and then to our own eye making two refractions. Glasses have evolved to become more stylish and compact.

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Contact lens

For few wearing spectacles has been difficult and limits freedom. There are chances to lose or break the glasses. It is also difficult to perform active works with glasses. So making it more compact and easily unnoticeable, contact lens has entered the market with more style and easiness.

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As a permanent solution, surgery can be seen to remove defects concerned with the eye. But surgery could be costly and will be difficult for some to afford. Also, not all cases can be solved surgically.

Before selecting a solution, it is highly recommended to consult a doctor. Visit our consulting doctor at our branches to have an eye test to know your eye health.